Wax Idols – Human Condition

Heather Fortune’s Wax Idols project moves effortlessly from terse, punk-ish pop to tense, oppressive post-punk. The song ‘Human Condition’ obviously falls in the latter category. Now there’s even a clip to accompany the track; it’s a simple and gritty yet striking affair.

Summer Twins – I Will Love You

A cute retro-pop girl-group needs a cutesy old-timey video. So obviously that’s exactly the kind of clip these Californian twins made. It’s attractive, nostalgic, comely and also… kind of awkward. You know, like the girl next door, if only the girl next door to you would play in an awesome rock & roll band while declaring her undying love for you.

Seapony – Prove to Me

Jangly twee-pop trio Seapony are just as charming and whimsical as their name implies. Last year they released their debut album for Hardly Art, and now they’re back with an exclusive new song. ‘Prove to Me’ will appear on a flexi-disc to celebrate the label’s 5 year anniversary. Here’s to at least five more years of releasing excellent music!

Cheap Curls – Jackie Oh

Former Dum Dum Girls singing about former First Ladies. Katie Brouillette used to play bass for said successful garage-pop group, but now she’s gone her own way with her new Cheap Curls project. She still adheres to the noisy girl-group template, but her solo work does sound more direct and visceral. ‘Jackie Oh’ will appear on 7″ soon for Art Fag Recordings.

Burnt Ones – Meet the Golden One

San Franciscan Psych-pop group Burnt Ones have just released a new 7″ on Burger Records. You can stream and buy the disc on their Bandcamp. But wait, there’s more! The band also made this video for the A-side ‘Meet the Golden One’ in which they take you on a cult-ish forest trip.

Habibi – Tomboy

This Brooklyn by way of Detroit band is named after the Arabic word for beloved. Habibi’s lead-singer Rahill Jamalifard even has some authentic Persian roots. Their music however, is all-American; these four tough ladies play girl-group songs with a punk attitude. ‘Tomboy’, their new single for Born Bad Records, is sweet, simple and catchy as hell.

Athletes – Time

Athletes consists mostly of Mathias Andersen. This Dane makes distant and driving post-punk. His latest track is called ‘Time’, which only makes the sport-tinged search results more abundant.

Joanna Gruesome – pntry grrlll

Cardiff’s twee-gazers Joanna Gruesome made a stripped-down version of their song ‘Pantry Girl’. Seems like they took out more then just the vowels, as this track is just (heavily distorted) guitars and vocals. Still a great song though, and available for free on Bandcamp, where you can also check out their excellent EP.